The Barback Daddies


In March of 2018, 6 actor/songwriters, assembled by casting director Catherine Miller, gathered together to create an original story, learn the mechanics of writing and composing for musical theatre, and build a new show from scratch under director/former composer Olivia Lilley's guidance.

Three months later, after exploring multiple stories from different angles and writing many bits and pieces of songs, "The Barback Daddies" was born. The story was selected through unanimous vote and collectively developed through discussions, exercises, and dedicated collaborative writing time.

        At the end of the Workshop period, "The Barback Daddies" had five performances followed by talkbacks over a two weekend period. There were two rehearsals in the middle of the run in order to provide space and time for re-writes and additions. By applying the standard "preview period" schedule to this workshop, the team was able to respond to feedback quicker and experience reactions to new material right away.

      "The Barback Daddies" is the first of our custom built Incubator Series.


"The Barback Daddies"

An Original Musical

When the guitarist of Logan Square Riot Grrrl band, "The Barback Daddies", is unwantingly outed as trans by his partner and the band's Social Media Guy, Chris, "The Barback Daddies" is forced to confront what they've become and discover how to evolve together as friends, collaborators, and humans. A story of feminism becoming Intersectional. A story of transformation, identity, and music.


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Story by Raymond Cleveland, Alec Phan, Alexandros Xourias, Electra Tremulis, Maggie Ward, Mary Kate Young, and Olivia Lilley

Original Score by Raymond Cleveland, Alec Phan, Alexandros Xourias, Electra Tremulis, Maggie Ward, and Mary Kate Young

Assistant Directed by Morgan Massero

Libretto & Direction by Olivia Lilley


The Cast:

Ghost, the guitarist... Alec Phan
Keel, the singer... Electra Tremulis
Jules, the keyboardist... Maggie Ward
Donna, the new drummer... Mary Kate Young
Chris, Ghost's partner/the band's Social
Media guy... Raymond Cleveland
Mar, a solo artist, Alexandros Xourias