Pop Magic Birthday Party: Nightfall


Pop Magic Birthday Party: Nightfall was a celebration which integrated party antics with performance centered around the idea of "Embracing the Darkest Parts of Yourself." The party envisioned a reality in which Sybil Vane, the tragic heroine of "The Portrait of Dorian Gray," had a dream that warned her not to go on that date with Dorian Gray. She listened and chose to ghost Dorian instead. Having avoided the decision that would have led to her suicide, Sybil Vane is left to pick up the pieces of herself and work through her problems on her own. Luckily, with Nightfall, she had an army of artists ready to work through them with her.

The evening was divided into four parts: 1) Hiding; 2) Punishment; 3) Bury It (A Ceremony); 4) Vows to Yourself / Transformation. Artists of all disciplines created original work that fell under one of these four headings. Sybil Vane performed original spoken word introducing each new chapter. The final chapter ended in a giant dance party ruled by DJ Jacob Bjorge with a live light show by designer David Goodman Edberg. Three spoken word artists closed out the night with a midnight set in The Prop Thtr lobby. Two immersive performance pieces created by Artistic Associates Gina Marie Hayes and Cassie Bowers played in various rooms around the Prop's cavernous space. Each piece ruminated on the subjects of “Punishment” and “Bury It.”


Featuring Immersive Theatre by


Cassie Bowers
w/ "Arcana Obscura"

Gina Marie Hayes
w/ "Sunset Season: an affectionate lip-sync portrait of Norma Desmond"

We fight for self-love by self-fetishizing.
We fight for self-love by self-aggrandizing.
We fight for the right to take up space, even in our own mind.
We fight for self-love by demanding recognition.
We are big, it's the pictures that got small.
We embrace the darkness when we recognize ourselves in its reflection.
We're ready for our close up.

Featuring Performances by

Jeanette Gomes
Kenya Hall
Avi Roque
Keyanna Khatiblou
Kyra Leigh
Lora Nicole
Diane Hamm
Mary Iris Loncto

The Devised Musical Crew: Raymond Cleveland, Maggie Ward, Mary Kate Young, Alec Phan, Alexandros Xourias, and Electra Tremulis

Installation by Denise Yvette Serna

DJ Jacob Bjorge spins @ 10:30pm

Hosted by Sybil Vane

Head Producer Olivia Lilley

Producer’s Assistant Caitlin Shantz

Bar Sponsored by CH Distillery