The Portrait
of Dorian Gray


In our reworking of the classic, Dorian Gray is a young woman from a wealthy suburban family, discovered by a tattoo artist and her art dealer ex. On their insistence, Dorian enters the elusive world of social media and self-promotion. Dorian soon falls for Sybil Vane, a beautiful Instagram star. When Dorian discovers not everything is as it seems, she learns that wearing a mask can be a powerful tool for manipulating others… As her personal philosophy turns magical and the sketch takes on a life of its own, The Portrait of Dorian Gray brings you on a wild ride through violence, empathy, and the lack thereof.

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Devised by Peter Wilde, Dorothy Humphrey, Jojo Brown, Kat Christensen, and Mary Kate Young, Jay Van Ort, and Olivia Lilley

Written & Directed by Olivia Lilley
Assistant Directed by Jay Van Ort
Costumes by Katie Friedman
Stage Managed by Devonte Washington
Assistant Produced by Caitlin Shantz

Dorian Gray… Dorothy Humphrey
Lord Henry… Peter Wilde
Ivy, the painter… Jojo Brown
Sybil Vane… Mary Kate Young
Alice / Jeff… Kat Christensen